The world's most powerful icebreaker launches reactors

According to RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the state corporation Rosatom, the launch of the reactors laid the foundation for a controlled nuclear chain reaction and brought the reactor to the minimum power level sufficient to control the reaction. Then, after the necessary tests, the reactors will be brought to the energy level of power, and then the Arctic sea trials will begin.

The icebreaker has a compact and economical RITM-200 reactor installation of two water-cooled nuclear reactors with a thermal capacity of 175 megawatts each. Its layout allows you to place the main equipment inside the body of the steam generating unit. The Arctic was built by order of Rosatom at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg, and it is planned to put the icebreaker into operation in 2020.

Universal nuclear icebreakers LK-60YA with a capacity of 60 megawatts will become the most powerful and largest in the world. The length of the vessel reaches 173.3 meters, width - 34 meters, displacement - 33500 tons. Icebreakers will be able to break through ice up to three meters thick and ensure the escort of vessels with hydrocarbon raw materials from the fields of the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas, as well as from the shelf of the Kara Sea.


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