The world's largest Lego Titanic model

Doctors diagnosed autism in a boy living in Reykjavik at an early age - he has problems communicating with other people and social connections. With five years, Brignard is passionate about designers, so when he turned ten, his mother drove him to Legoland Park. The boy was delighted and decided to build the Titanic model from the designer on a scale corresponding to the size of the Lego men. For this, Grandfather Brignard made a drawing of the ship on the right scale, and my mother became the mentor of the grandiose project of her son.

For 11 months, Brignard built the Titanic model with a length of 7.92 meters, a width of 1.22 and a height of 1.52 meters. To do this, he needed 56 thousand Lego parts, the money for the purchase of which was given by relatives and friends of the family. The process of building the ship was not easy and the boy, desperate, several times wanted to quit this venture. But Brignard managed to pull himself together and complete the project. Moreover, Bjarni Sigrun Ludwiksdottir, his mother, said that during the construction process the boy “literally began to shine”.

Brignard himself agrees with her, who claims that this project completely changed his life, especially in the aspect of autism. The construction process of the Titanic, according to the boy, helped him out of the fog that was in his head. His Lego model made Brignard answer questions from people, communicate with them, and it did him good. Now the guy is 15 years old, and his ship has visited exhibitions around the world and is now in the Titanic Museum in the American city of Pigeon Forge in Tennessee.

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