Why termite can't burn a tree: spectacular video

Termite is a mixture of aluminum or magnesium with oxides of various metals. The combustion temperature of this powder is so high that upon ignition it reaches 1300 ° C, and the slag formed in the process can even warm up to 2300-2400 ° C. It is not surprising that a termite block can melt through even sheet steel.

However, even she cannot handle a wooden bowl. The thing is that wood consists mainly of water (which instantly evaporates during combustion) and carbon, which forms a protective "casing" and perfectly dissipates heat. This effect was perfectly demonstrated in another video, where only a layer of carbon protected the skin from the heat of a gas burner. Together with the relatively large surface area of ​​the bowl, the heat dissipates so efficiently that the bowl does not burn through.

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