Why did Squirrel and Strelka fly into space, and not Murka and Haze?

Perhaps the researchers were frightened by the independent behavior of the caudate-striped, which is very difficult to force to remain motionless - unlike the trainable dogs. In addition, a cat with its unique plastic structure of the musculoskeletal system was the worst human analogue than a dog and even more so primates. However, at least one cat traveled into space and returned safe and sound. This is the “French” Félicette, who went on a suborbital flight (155 km altitude) on the Veronique AGI rocket on October 18, 1963. The animal suffered all the difficulties of flight and already on Earth joyfully posed against the backdrop of a group of launch participants. A few days later, another representative of the French "Cotmonauts" detachment was outfitted, but he was not destined to return alive. Since then, cats have not been sent to space.

The article was published in the journal Popular Mechanics (No. 9, September 2019).


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