WHO rejected vaccination on global threat list


WHO has published a new list of global threats to humanity, which includes, inter alia, the rejection of vaccinations. According to WHO, the latter threatens to reverse the progress made by vaccination in the fight against diseases. The organization writes that vaccination is one of the most cost-effective ways to avoid diseases and currently prevents 2-3 million deaths per year.

WHO notes that in the world as a whole, cases of measles have increased by 30% (while compared with what year, it is not specified). According to the organization, the reasons for this are complex, and not all vaccinations are to blame. At the same time, in some countries where measles eradication was close, on the contrary, the incidence increased, says WHO. According to the organization, among the reasons why people are not vaccinated are difficulties in accessing vaccines and insecurity (probably their safety).

There are ten threats on the WHO list. In addition to refusing vaccinations, it includes air pollution and climate change, noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes or cancer, the global pandemic of influenza, difficult living conditions due to conflicts and environmental crises, antibiotic resistance, Ebola and other dangerous infections, weak primary health care health care, dengue fever and HIV.

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