Where is Tesla Roadster Ilona Mask located right now?


A little less than two weeks have passed since SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon Heavy super-heavy launch rocket, and many are wondering where the Tesla Roadster electric car with a mannequin named Starman is currently located.

The answer to this question will be somewhat easier thanks to engineer Ben Pearson. He created Whereisroadster.com, where he can track the location of the Tesla Roadster in the solar system in real time.

Pearson explained to The Verge that on the launch day Falcon Heavy saw how many people on the net were wondering if it would be possible to somehow track a car drifting in space, and therefore decided to develop a website. At first, he tried to simulate the location of the Roadster in space, but his calculations did not coincide with the orbit reported by Musk. True, then it turned out that the engineer’s calculations were just more accurate.

Pearson's website uses data from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. At the time of writing, he indicates that the Roadster is approximately 3, 680, 500 km from Earth, moving away from it at a speed of 10, 836 km / h; while from Mars, the electric car is approximately 20, 879, 400 km, drifting towards the Red Planet at a speed of 69, 160 km / h. In addition, the site allows you to track the approximate trajectory of the machine until 2020; in particular, you can see when the Roadster is especially close to Mars or Earth.

According to Pearson, the strongest rapprochement of the Mask car with our planet will take place in 2091. The engineer believes that this would be a good opportunity to "return" the car to Earth and put, for example, in a museum. However, it is more likely that the Roadster will continue to drift in space (although, as we wrote earlier, there is a possibility that in millions of years it will crash, for example, into the Earth).

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