Where to read Popular Mechanics

1. You can subscribe to a classic paper magazine, it can be freely purchased at kiosks and shops throughout Russia and in most countries of the near abroad. This is ideal for lovers of warm tube Popular Mechanics and those who want to collect a collection. In the magazine you will find interesting articles on various topics, master classes and scientific and technical news.

2. Site popmech.ru - you are now on it! In addition to long reads and magazine articles, the site is updated several times per hour, constantly keeping you updated with the latest scientific and technical news. The portal also serves as an archive of journal materials from the very foundation of the Russian Popular Mechanics.

3. Electronic versions of the magazine. If you are interested in the magazine, but the paper seems to you a relic of the past, you can subscribe to the electronic version of Popular Mechanics for iOS on iPad and iPhone and Android.

4. The project "Popular Lecture" is an opportunity to get in touch with your favorite magazine in reality. Our authors, scientists and popularizers of science, as well as editors of the magazine give interesting lectures on a variety of topics in different cities and halls - stay tuned for announcements! Lectures can also be purchased on the iPad.

5. Finally, we are in all social networks through which you can also follow news updates on the PM website and journal materials: - “PM” on Facebook - “PM” on VK - “PM” on Twitter - “PM” on Google Plus - “PM” in “Classmates” - “PM” on Instagram

Read Popular Mechanics and love science and technology!


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