What is the uniqueness of the BMD-4M with the “Bahcha” module?

For BMD, the ability to hit targets at a distance, hit from a distance and hit first is important. Therefore, in Tula, in the Instrument Design Bureau, which is part of the High Precision Complexes holding, a special, fully automated combat module was developed, which was called Bahcha-U.

The module is mobile, it can be placed on various chassis such as BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-3, BTR Rostok and other Russian and foreign carriers similar in carrying capacity, as well as on boats, ships and stationary objects. BMD-4 with a combat module "Bahcha-U" adopted by the Russian Army.

Initially, the Tula gunsmiths walked the path of modernization, but they got a completely new combat module.

The BMP-3 anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) was charged manually. First of all, the designers created a single automatic loader. Next, the weapon block for the steepness of cutting was finalized, which allowed to increase the firing range to seven kilometers. An automatic cannon beats at 300 rounds per minute with a rate of fire, to charge a gun with any of the ammunition, it takes no more than 6 seconds, and for this you just need to press the button.

The new module has increased ammunition: 34 unguided 100-mm shells instead of 22, 4 anti-tank guided missiles instead of 3 and about 500 shells for a 30-mm automatic gun. But the most important gain here is probably in the analog-digital fire control system.

In Russia, created a weapon against the flocks of drones

On the gunner’s sight, there is a sighting channel of different multiplicity, a laser channel for controlling the rocket and rangefinder is the night channel of the thermal imager. For the first time, the commander’s panoramic sight was installed on this machine. If before the commander was sitting in a rotating hatch and was limited by the capabilities of his body, then in the new module there is a circular view: television cameras with a narrow and wide field of view and a laser range finder. Thus, full duplication is ensured: through the sight, the commander can operate both one and the second gun, and ATGMs can be controlled through the gunner’s sight, switching it to himself. The module is equipped with an automatic target tracking, which is very important in modern combat.

At the time of its creation, “Bahcha” overtook the tanks to some extent - they had neither a panoramic sight of the commander, nor a target tracking machine.

The process of firing through a target tracking machine makes shooting independent of the psychophysical state of a person. He can be nervous, his hands can tremble, he is struggling to find a target. But if the target is found, to defeat you only need to throw a frame and turn on the machine.

The “Bahce” has a sensor system for accurate shooting: wind, roll, speed, charge temperature sensors, as well as a highly noise-protected guided fire system. The principle of operation of the system is as follows: it shines with a laser beam, constantly reducing it, and the projectile goes parallel to the line, and before the target, in about a second and a half, it draws closer. Even with a maximum speed of 7 m / s, the target will still be hit.

A vehicle with a Bahcha combat module can fight with all ammunition from its place and on the move, day and night, and even afloat. Such BMD does not need artillery support: it has four very effective shells that use non-contact detonation sensors with a lesion area of ​​600–900 m ?.

Stability and increased by designers at 50 hp the engine thrust of the BMD-4M chassis allows you to overcome slopes of 30 degrees, the car does not even need to accelerate for this. On the highway, it can reach speeds of up to 70 km / h. Two water-jet engines in the stern of the machine help her move through the water. Afloat, the car has a fairly high speed of 10 km / h, the ability to conduct military operations and a confident exit from the water to the shore, even with unrest up to 3 points.

High-performance bilge pumps (1, 500 l / min.) Provide the machine with a safe presence in water for at least 7 hours. Without refueling, the BMD-4M can cover a distance of up to 500 kilometers. This allows her to fight for several hours, both breaking through the enemy’s defense line and retreating, if necessary.

In short, the BMD-4M fire capabilities are an order of magnitude higher than those that its predecessors possessed, including those that were in service with the Western armies. For comparison: the Swedish CV-90 has a 40 mm automatic cannon. American "Bradley" - 45-mm gun. The German “Marder-2” has a 50 mm “barrel”. True, now they are testing a new transport and combat vehicle for fire support of an airborne assault based on it with 75-120 mm guns. But the weight of this machine takes it to a completely different category of weapons. Therefore, “Bahcha” in its class is still out of competition, which significantly increases the superiority of our paratroopers in mobility, security and firepower.

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