What is turbocharging and how does it work

Turbocharging is one of the methods to increase engine power, and the main element of the system is a turbocharger or a turbocharger with a mechanical drive.

In the case of a turbocompressor, the flow of exhaust gases enters the impeller of the turbine, spinning it along with the compressor forcing air into the engine cylinders. Since when using boost, air is supplied to the cylinders under pressure, a larger amount of air-fuel mixture enters the engine.

A mechanical supercharger, unlike a turbine that uses exhaust energy, is driven by a crankshaft using a belt drive. The advantage of such a compressor is that it starts to work at idle, while the turbine begins to pump air only after the exhaust gas pressure rises.

However, sometimes it’s better to see once, so the Australian site Tyroola has published magnificent three-dimensional models of the turbine and drive supercharger, which can be rotated and zoomed for better detail.

Here, for example, is a model of a mechanical supercharger:

And here is the turbocharger:


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