What happens inside an airplane when it crashes?

The documentary film "Crash" was shot to answer just that question. What happens to an airplane when it crashes? A group of scientists loaded the old Boeing 727, which they bought for 450 thousand dollars, with modern equipment, cameras and telemetry devices and staged a real plane crash in the Mexican desert.

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The Boeing 727 was used for several reasons: it was cheap, its fuselage resembles the Boeing 737, and it also has a hatch in the tail of the plane, from where the pilots and engineer jumped out before the crash began.

Then the plane was transferred to remote control and sent to the ground. The accident itself and preparations for it begin at the 45th minute of the film, and before that we are told why plane crashes usually occur, how authorities study the consequences, and what exactly did survivors of non-stop plane crashes do. And from the 45th minute of the film, they show us in full detail both from the outside of the aircraft and from the inside what happens to the car and passengers (mannequins as passengers) in the fall. The sight is not for the faint of heart.


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