What happens if an atomic bomb falls on your house: a nuclear explosion simulator

What happens if a nuclear bomb falls on your house? Of course, he will immediately turn to ashes. And the whole street. And the whole area. And the whole city. Or not? What will the massive nuclear bombardment look like and how devastating will its consequences be? The new interactive map will helpfully answer all these questions and clearly demonstrate the amazing power of weapons of mass destruction.

This is what will happen to Moscow if the Tsar Bomb falls on it.

The Outrider Foundation project released a nuclear explosion simulator, very similar to nukemap, created by researcher Alex Wellerstein of the Stevens Institute of Technology. The author of the original project also took part in the development. In fact, a nuclear simulator will only need to enter the coordinates of a particular area, after which you can choose the type of bomb (including the famous Fat Man and the equally famous Tsar Bomb) and see what consequences its fall in this region will bring to.


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