What assault rifles will the Ratnik equipment get?

According to RIA Novosti, with reference to TsNIItochmash CEO Dmitry Semizorov, following military operation, two assault rifles — Kalashnikov and Degtyarev’s — could be included in promising military equipment for the Russian military Ratnik-2. In December, tests of Kalashnikov AK-12 and AK-103 assault rifles, as well as assault rifles of the Degtyarev factory A-545 and A-762, were completed.

After summing up the results of military operation, a decision will be made which automatic machine will become standard for “Ratnik-2, ” but it is likely that both “Kalashnikov” and “Degtyarev” will find their application. For example, Kalashnikov’s assault rifles can be included in Ratnik-2 equipment for motorized rifle units, and Degtyarev’s assault rifles - for special forces and special combat missions.

Each “soldier of the future kit”, as the military calls “Ratnik-2, ” costs the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation at least 200 thousand rubles, which is much cheaper than any foreign counterparts. To date, the Russian armed forces have already received more than 200 thousand sets of combat equipment, and by 2020, the entire army will be equipped with Ratnik-2, after which the development of the next generation will begin.


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