Irma Grese: the story of the most brutal woman of the SS

Irma was one of five children in the family of Bertha and Alfred Grese. The family was dysfunctional: when Irma was thirteen, her mother committed suicide by drinking hydrochloric acid - she found out that her husband was cheating on her. Two years later, the future warden dropped out of school, was imbued with Nazi ideology and became a fierce activist of the Hitler Youth

15 main aircraft of the Second World War

Once, on the website, we held a contest "Air Parade" dedicated to the Victory Day, where readers were asked to guess the names of some of the most famous aircraft of the Second World War by their silhouettes. The competition was completed, and now we publish photos of these military vehicles

Soviet tank firing at the White House: T-80

In the summer of 1976, the world's first T-80 gas turbine tank was adopted by the Soviet Army. Many experts question the fact that the T-80 is the world's first gas turbine tank, citing the Swedish Strv-103, which began production in 1966. In part, they are right: the turretless Strv-103 tank developed by Bofors was indeed powered by a Boeing 490-horsepower gas engine

10 most popular pistols in the world

Introducing the top ten most popular pistols in the world, preferred by both the military and ordinary citizens. With firearms in your pocket you can relax and not be afraid that some terrorist will jump out from the nearest corner. Another thing is that you still need to be able to handle it ... Glock 17 is a pistol manufactured by the Austrian company Glock GmbH, characterized by the absence of a fuse flag and a construction made of high-strength plastic

The most dangerous butterfly: balisong anatomy

The first thing a beginner flipper learns is opening and closing a butterfly, the simplest basis for further development. The most important fact should immediately settle in the head: the balisong has two handles, a dangerous and a safe one. It is easy to distinguish them - there is a latch on the dangerous one

5 most formidable battle axes

The battle ax is very different: one-handed and two-handed, with one or even two blades. With a relatively light warhead (no heavier than 0.5-0.8 kg) and a long ax (from 50 cm), this weapon has an impressive breakdown power - it’s all about the small area of ​​contact of the cutting edge with the surface, resulting in all the impact energy concentrated at one point. Axes

10 most formidable pirate ships

Adventure Galley is the favorite ship of William Kidd, an English privateer and pirate. This unusual galley-frigate was equipped with direct sails and oars, which allowed maneuvering both against the wind and in calm weather. The 287-ton ship with 34 guns accommodated 160 crew members and was primarily intended to destroy ships of other pirates

How to weave chain mail? - investigation of "PM"

The year 1237 was the last for the border Old Russian town on the left bank of the Gnilopat River. We do not know his name and will never know now. Nowadays, this place is called the Raikovets settlement - in honor of the village of Raiki in the neighborhood. Neither the seven-meter ditch, nor the high earthen rampart, nor the squad behind the walls became an obstacle for the Mongol-Tatars

60 years of victories and troubles: on the anniversary of AKM

In April 1959, the modernized Kalashnikov assault rifle (AKM) was adopted by the Soviet Army. The AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle was the first automatic weapon in the world that armed the entire rank and file of the army, in this case, the Soviet. The progenitor of modern assault rifles, the German Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg 44) designed by Hugo Schmeisser, did not become a mass weapon and during the war years was released in the amount of only 446 thousand copies

How the atomic bomb works

Explosive nature The uranium core contains 92 protons. Natural uranium is basically a mixture of two isotopes: U238 (in whose core there are 146 neutrons) and U235 (143 neutrons), the latter in natural uranium, only 0.7%. The chemical properties of isotopes are absolutely identical, therefore, it is impossible to separate them by chemical methods, but the difference in masses (235 and 238 units) allows this to be done by physical methods: a mixture of uranium is converted into gas (uranium hexafluoride), and then pumped through countless porous partitions

A strike from heaven: how the Javelin anti-tank missile system works

In slow motion video, it always looks impressive. A rocket breaks out of a small tube a little more than a meter long, spreads wings similar to blades. The marching engine is turned on, the rocket soars up, and a few seconds later it is thrust from above into a powerful armored car, carrying it to pieces

Non-lethal Self-Defense Weapons: A Short Guide

We will visit the ordinary Russian arms store. The abundance of hunting double-barreled shotguns and carbines is not interesting to us - they are not suitable for secretive wearing. On the shelves of a single combat pistol, in contrast to small Latvia and large America, where the law allows citizens to purchase them

Saiga-12: the best weapon in the world for practical shooting

Practical shooting, which has combat roots, is one of the youngest and most spectacular types of shooting sports. Its main goal is to develop techniques that best meet the various cases of the use of firearms by police and special units of the world. That is why practical shooting is a “home” sport of special forces and police. He

70 years after hell. Photo of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - then and now

Those who miraculously managed to survive, still suffer from serious diseases caused by radiation exposure. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United States nuclear attack, Reuters photographer Issei Kato has prepared a special photo project. Anews editors suggest looking at old archival and modern photographs showing what Hiroshima and Nagasaki turned into after the atomic bombing, and how these cities look today

Riding the reactor: how the USSR developed a nuclear aircraft

Nuclear planes were good for everyone except gigantic radiation. The appearance of the atomic bomb gave rise to the temptation of the owners of this miracle weapon to win the war with just a few precise strikes at the industrial centers of the enemy. The only thing that stopped them was that these centers were located, as a rule, in a deep and well-defended rear

OTs-14 "Thunderstorm": the most unusual Russian machine

Audio version of the article : Russian special forces have developed an effective algorithm for acting in twos: while the first number works directly as a sniper using standard SVD or other long-barreled weapons, the second covers the first with a highly mobile, versatile and at the same time powerful complex, such as OTs-14 Thunderstorm

Who actually created the atomic bomb

The fathers of the atomic bomb are usually called American Robert Oppenheimer and Soviet scientist Igor Kurchatov. But given that work on deadly weapons was carried out simultaneously in four countries, and in addition to the scientists of these countries, immigrants from Italy, Hungary, Denmark, etc

Maginot Line: Concrete vs. Blitzkrieg

The armored artillery tower of the great Zimzerhof fort, which was part of the fortified Rohrbach sector In World War I, Germany suffered a complete defeat, and the Versailles Peace Treaty of 1919 deprived her of the army, leaving only 100, 000 soldiers brought into several divisions without heavy weapons

SHAK 12: large-scale meat grinder

In the May 2016 issue, PM wrote about the unique development of Russian gunsmiths from the Tula Instrument Design Bureau - a special large-caliber sniper rifle (VSSK) “Exhaust”. This weapon has a number of properties that, when combined in one sample, give the operative a deadly tool that has no analogues. A

10 military vehicles that you can freely buy in Russia

The main resources for the sale of conversion vehicles are the site of the Association of All-Terrain Vehicles, as well as Girtek and Perspektiva. There are a number of conversion firms, so if you want an armored car - here it is, in front of you. Only it is not cheap. BRDM-2 (1963−1989) . The second generation of armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle is the most popular conversion model.

How the Solntsepek flamethrower system works

Vitaly V. Kuzmin BM-1. Vitaly V. Kuzmin BM-1. Vitaly V. Kuzmin BM-1. Vitaly V. Kuzmin BM-1. Vitaly V. Kuzmin BM-1. Vitaly V. Kuzmin BM-1. Vitaly V. Kuzmin BM-1. Vitaly V. Kuzmin BM-1 Vitaly V. Kuzmin BM-1. The greatest effect of its unguided rockets in thermobaric equipment is achieved in mountain conditions: due to the mutual superposition of air shock waves and their multiple reflection from surrounding rocks, the destruction of soil and stone blockages

Flowers of Death: Expansive Bullets

The first gunpowder was loaded with round lead bullets. It was the bullet that was the main limitation in increasing the rate of fire, range and accuracy of the guns: a lead ball at a distance of 300 m gave a deviation of up to 2 m.In 1615, guns with rifled barrels appeared that made the bullet rotate, which provided a significant increase in the range and accuracy of shooting

Sniper rifle: educational program for dummies

A sniper rifle is a weapon of accurate long-range shooting, therefore, the main indicators of its quality, of course, are effective range and accuracy. However, it should immediately be noted that, depending on the purpose of the weapon, one of these indicators may be given priority. For an army sniper who seeks to hit an enemy with a relatively safe removal, the most important effective range

Carousel of Death: Gatling Machine Gun

Such multi-barrel guns were called organs or ribodecenes. However, the name “quick-firing” didn’t suit similar systems: although it was possible to simultaneously launch a volley from a large number of barrels, further reloading required a lot of time. And with the advent of buckshot, multi-barrel guns completely lost their meaning. But

Heavy bombers of the Third Reich

Strong front-line aviation provided Germany with victory at the beginning of World War II and the possibility of long resistance after it. The heavy bombers of the Third Reich remained in the shadow of history. Today our story will be about them. The possibility of reconstructing strategic aviation was discussed in Germany in 1934

Military vehicles of the past: tensional and torsion guns

Last time, we learned that the entire military engineering of mankind began with the invention of the most basic throwing tools - slings and bows. But this is only the beginning of the journey: the time has come to set off in ancient times. Modern history believes that the Greeks began to use military vehicles for the first time

World War I: weapons of the Russian army

On the one hand, in the last decades of the Russian Empire, the country has rapidly modernized. On the other hand, there was a technical backwardness, dependence on foreign technologies, and imported components. With an impressive fleet of aircraft, for example, there was virtually no production of aircraft engines

10 amazing weapons of the future

Immortal synthetic organism. The Office of Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) has embarked on an ambitious project called Biodesign. Combining engineering methods with biological and chemical technologies, scientists plan to develop synthetic organisms that can live forever. These artificial creatures are genetically programmed for immortality

Electromagnetic gun: railgun and its prospects

The high rate of railgun acceleration is due to the work of the electromagnetic Lorentz forces in the gun mechanism. They arise and begin to act on the projectile during a short circuit of two parallel current-carrying (with a minus sign and with a plus sign) guide rails after applying a very powerful, but very short current pulse to them

Weapons of the Century: Small Arms

The most common rifle: M16 Country: USA Designed: 1959 Weight: 2.88-3.4 kg (depending on version) Length: 986-1006mm Caliber: 5.56 mm Rate of Fire: 700–900 rounds / min Muzzle velocity: 948 m / s M16 The rifle was developed by the American company Armalite, in 1959 Colt began its production, in 1961 the US military department purchased an experimental batch of rifles, and in 1964 it entered service with the US Army.