Wasp Dementor Turns Cockroaches into Zombies

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the wasp dementor (Ampulex dementor) has become one of 139 new species discovered by researchers in Southeast Asia. It lives in the Mekong River Valley, the largest on the Indochina Peninsula, and preys on cockroaches.

The poison, which the wasp injects into the victim’s body with the help of its sting, literally turns the cockroach into a zombie. The receptors that are involved in the initiation of movement are paralyzed and, although the cockroach can still move, it loses the ability to consciously direct its body.

Then the wasp-dementor directs the cockroach zombie to her in its hole, where it lays eggs in its body. The poison slows down the victim's metabolism, as a result of which it remains alive for at least a week and turns into a source of fresh food for wasp larvae that hatch after a couple of days.

The wasp dementor got its name from visitors to the Museum of Natural History of Berlin (Germany), who, when studying her habits, immediately remembered the "Dementors" - demonic characters from a series of Harry Potter novels that can take their souls from people.

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