Volcano Anak-Krakatau became four times less after the eruption

Raul Heinrich / Wikimedia Commons

According to the Associated Press, the Anak-Krakatau volcano, the eruption of which provoked a terrible tsunami in Indonesia, has decreased in size by about four times. The tsunami that hit the Indonesian coast claimed the lives of more than 420 people.

At the moment, it is reported that the volume of Anak-Krakatau is about 40–70 million cubic meters: thus, after the eruption on December 22, it lost approximately 150-180 million cubic meters of its volume. At the same time, the maximum height of the crater of the volcano is now 110 meters - while in September it was 338 meters. Information about the size of the volcano was obtained through the analysis of satellite images.

Anak-Krakatau Island, on which the eponymous volcano is located, began to form in 1927. Prior to that, the island of Krakatau existed in its place: the latter was mostly destroyed by a terrible eruption in 1883, which killed more than 36, 000 people.


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