The voice of the 5800-year-old mummy is recreated

The oldest mummy in Europe, which turned out to be the oldest Stonehenge and the pyramids, was discovered in 1991 in the vicinity of Tyrol at an altitude of more than 3 kilometers. During life, the height of Ezi was about 165 centimeters, and weight - 50 kilograms. All his long life by the standards of the Stone Age (45−46 years), he lived on the south side of the Alps.

Measuring with the help of computed tomography the length of the vocal tract and vocal cords of the mummy, the scientists reconstructed the sound of the voice of a man who died more than 5000 years ago. It was not easy to look into Ezi's throat because of the pose in which he was caught by death: near the throat the “ice man” holds his palm clenched for thousands of years.

So far, only Italian vowels performed by a computer model of the Ezi voice path can be heard on the recording, but in the future, scientists plan to restore the sound of consonants. Judging by the record, Ezi had a pleasant, low voice. The conference also clarified some of the circumstances of the death of Ezi. Previously, there were two points of view: that Ezi was frozen in the snow and that Ezi was killed. A knife is held in the hand of the mummy, which testified in favor of the second version. Forensic scientist Alexander Horne from the German Criminal Investigation Department suggested that the killer quietly crept up to Ezi, who was resting after a meal (previous studies proved that an ancient man ate meat 2.5 hours before his death). The German forensic scientist found traces of the blood of Ezi and another person on the clothes of Ezi, so the expert suggested that a few days before the sad death, Ezi had a conflict with another man, who avenged him a few days later.

A study of the mummified remains of Ezi proved that he led a difficult life, full of adversities and dangers. This is indicated by a fracture of the nose and one left rib, as well as a frostbite toe. Nevertheless, Ezi managed to live to old age: his joints managed to wear out, and the vessels became fragile, which is characteristic of a respectable age.


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