Vietnamese beetle named in honor of Yegor Letov

Pilous ( Heteroceridae ) are relatively large beetles that lead a near-water lifestyle. They live on the shores of freshwater and brackish water bodies. They know how to fly, but they use this skill quite rarely.

The beetle described by Sazhnev was discovered by him in the collection remaining from his deceased entomologist colleague. The insect was found in Vietnam in 1976. As far as one can judge from media reports, it was not observed in nature, therefore nothing can be said about his lifestyle, one can only assume that he is not too different from that of most pyluses.

Beetle Augyles skalei, a close relative of the Letov insect.

According to RIA Novosti, the name of the species was a tribute to the late singer, whose work had a significant impact on Sazhnev.

This has happened before. So, in 2017, the newly described species of riders living in Mexico was named Idiogramma elbakyanae, in honor of Alexandra Elbakyan, the founder of the Sci-Hub portal. True, she appreciated the respect she received as a mockery and even suspended access to her service for users from Russia.

Earlier, residents of Omsk proposed to give the local airport the name of their countryman - the founder and leader of the Civil Defense group, Yegor Letov, who died in 2008. Social activists in the region launched an active campaign in his support. However, according to the results of sociological research by VTsIOM, the name of Yegor Letov did not get into the final top three names for Omsk Airport.

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