Video: unique electromagnetic suspension for cars

The process of solving these problems conflicts with each other, as a result of which the designers are forced to compromise.

In executive sedans, the suspension was originally designed for comfortable movement, but as a result, the car acquires significant rolls in corners and swinging on wavy roads.

In sports cars, the situation is exactly the opposite - controllability is ensured by the stiffness of the suspension, due to which comfort suffers. BOSE, a well-known speaker manufacturer, tried to solve this problem in a non-standard way.

Engineers designed the suspension based on a traditional loudspeaker design. The sound speaker of the speaker system works by moving the voice coil with a copper wire in a magnetic field. Under the influence of electric current, the coil performs linear oscillations having an amplitude depending on the current power in the turns of the coil.

This effect was applied to a car shock absorber, and as a result, an electromagnetic suspension appeared, uncompromisingly solving the eternal problem of the balance of comfort and handling.

As a damping element, a linear electric motor operates in it in accordance with the algorithms of the control controller. The electric motor replaces the standard shock absorber, its rod is a permanent magnet, a winding is built into the housing, and the coil is a stator.

The magnetic rod reciprocates along the length of the stator winding under the influence of controlled electrical signals that are generated by special amplifiers.

This design not only effectively dampens vibrations, but also provides incredible possibilities for adjusting handling.

Equipped with such a suspension, the car is almost devoid of roll in corners and at the same time flexibly adapts to road conditions, demonstrating the highest level of comfort for passengers.

The system was tested on the basis of the Lexus LS400 sedan, but, unfortunately, it did not get into mass production.

The revolution in the automotive industry did not happen for a very banal reason: the ultramodern and sophisticated system was too expensive to use on production cars and the project was frozen.


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