The very first cars of famous companies: part 2

We already did a review of the first models of well-known companies - then the brands Honda, Peugeot, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Renault, Chevrolet, Opel, Hyundai and GAZ got into the material. Today - a new dozen well-known companies and their very first models.

Chrysler B-70 (1924) . The Chrysler company was founded by Walter Chrysler a year earlier on the ruins of the collapsed Maxwell-Chalmers and the first year “by inertia” produced old models under the old brand. In 1924, the brand's first model of its own appeared - the Chrysler B-70 (later simply renamed the Chrysler 70) with a V6 engine. The car was positioned as inexpensive and technologically advanced. A year later, the Maxwell-Chalmers brand was finally eliminated.

Austin Seven Swallow 2-Seater (1927) . This is not the first Austin car. This is the first car of the company ... Jaguar. The fact is that Jaguar was founded in 1922 as a manufacturer of motorcycle strollers. In 1926, founding partners William Walsley and William Lyons switched to the production of bodies on foreign chassis. The first body was just a variation on the theme of Austin Seven. The company, which was then called the Swallow Sidecar (SS), introduced two versions - a double open and 4-seater closed body. It became a “Jaguar” after the war - when the abbreviation SS became associated with Schutzstaffel and lost its former attractiveness.

Lancia Alfa 12 HP (1907) . The first Lancia model. Originally called Lancia Type 51, but in 1908 it changed its name and was like Alfa presented at the Turin Motor Show. The car was very fast for that time - it developed up to 90 km / h thanks to the 2.5-liter engine. In the picture there is a limousine version, although the Sport version is more widely known.

Mazda Mazdago (1931) - Mazda's first cargo motor scooter. The company was founded in 1920 and was called Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., but a few years later it was renamed in honor of Ahuramazda, the single deity of Zoroastrianism. Until 1931, Mazda manufactured parts, but in the 31st it introduced the first vehicle of its own design - the Mazda Mazdago cargo scooter. The model turned out to be a successful start, although the company switched to cars directly only in 1960 with the Mazda R360 model.

Saab Ursaab (1948) - a concept car that served as the basis for the first production model Saab 92, went on sale in 1949. Interestingly, the Saab 91, Saab 90 and so on were aircraft, since before that the company was exclusively engaged in aircraft manufacturing. Entering the passenger car market is a decision made immediately after World War II.

Fiat 4 HP (1899) - aka Fiat 31/2 CV, the first model of Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino founded by Giovanni Agnelli. The car had a typical visa-a-vi body and was released in 1899-1900 in the amount of 24 copies.

McLaren M1A (1964) . The manufacturer of supercars McLaren, as is widely known, moved to public roads from sports tracks. The first McLaren-branded car was the McLaren M1A sport prototype, which appeared a year after Bruce McLaren founded the company. Such sports cars were built 24 copies; M1A sold in the private hands of pilots. And two years later, the team debuted in Formula 1, and the legend began.

Citroën Type A (1919) . During the First World War, Andre Citroën manufactured military equipment and weapons, and after the war Citroën hired Jules Salomon, a car designer, to develop the first civilian vehicle. She became Citroën Type A; in two years, more than 24, 000 copies of the model were manufactured.

Lincoln L-Series (1917) . Henry Leland named his car company after President Abraham Lincoln. The first model - the L series - survived four generations, dozens of different bodies and was produced until 1930. The first generation of 1917 was designed by Liland's adoptive son, Angus Woodbridge, who had previously worked ... as a female hatter.

MAZ-205 (1947) . Well, according to tradition, we complete the Soviet brand. The first car of the Minsk Automobile Plant MAZ-205 came off the assembly line in 1947 - it was a modified version of the YAZ-205, developed three years earlier; just the documentation was handed over from Yaroslavl to Minsk. It is interesting that the basic model YAZ-200, on which the YAZ-205 was based, also "moved" to Minsk under the name MAZ-200 - but later than the version of the dump truck.


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