The US Navy tested a railgun suitable for the Moon

It is noted that soon tests of new weapons on ships are planned. In addition, according to the portal, the new technology can be used in the exploration of the moon.

The fact is that the speed to which the railgun is capable, in case of success, of accelerating its own projectile is greater than the second space velocity for the Moon, which on our satellite is only 2.4 km / s. This means that from this "gun" you can shoot from the moon, and the shell can fly to an arbitrary point in our solar system.

This operation, due to the lack of atmosphere on the moon, will be very simple and cheap. It was reported that for the first time, assumptions that cargo could be launched into space from the surface of the Earth’s satellite were made back in 1974.

Earlier it became known that the US Department of Defense plans to request from Congress two and a half billion dollars for the development of hypersonic technologies in the next fiscal year.


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