US Army will receive a new Javelin

. The contract was concluded after the new complexes passed qualification tests, consisting of 21 flight tests, according to the portal with reference to the message “Lockheed Martin”.

The Javelin FGM-148F missile is equipped with an advanced multipurpose warhead. The warhead has the latest generation of charge, allowing effective penetration of armor, as well as a fragmented steel case, designed to act against unarmored targets and infantry. This is the latest version of the famous anti-tank missile system, which should replace the older FGM-148E (Block I).

Deliveries of Javelin FGM-148F are scheduled for early 2020. Supplies to US allies are possible with the permission of the US administration.

Javelin - American man-portable anti-tank missile system (ATGM). Designed to defeat armored vehicles and low-flying low-speed targets (helicopters, UAVs, landing helicopters). It is the first serial ATGM of the third generation. It has been developed since 1986.


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