In the United States recorded the first crime in space

Former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer Summer Worden accused his ex-wife of NASA astronaut Anne McClain of illegally monitoring her ex-family. According to the New York Times, this conflict was the first crime ever committed from outer space.

Warden asked the bank for information on which computers accessed her accounts, and one of the computers belonged to the NASA network. After that, Summer complained to the Federal Trade Commission and the Office of the Inspector General of NASA, accusing McClain of identity theft and unlawful access to personal financial information.

The astronaut admitted that she really followed the financial operations of her ex-wife, but emphasized that she did this with the username and password, which she used while she was living together. All the data was studied only to make sure that the accounts had enough funds, which Ann considered joint, to support their child. At the same time, the former spouses are still arguing about who their child should stay with.

Lawyer Rusty Hardin, who defends the interests of the astronaut, emphasized that his client, upon returning to Earth, gave all the necessary evidence under oath. At the same time, it is emphasized separately that the money did not disappear from the accounts and the conflict unfolded around the situation with access to banking information.

Despite the fact that the USA, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada using the ISS have long-established procedures for resolving any legal issues that arise when astronauts are in orbit, there are no allegations of crimes committed from space before the case of the American astronaut not fixed


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