A unique artifact found in the cache of the Djoser pyramid

As the Secretary General of the Council of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities Mustafa Waziri told reporters, "a figure of a powerful deity was found during the restoration of parts of the western wall of the Djoser pyramid, located in the archaeological area of ​​Saqqara several tens of kilometers south of the modern capital of Egypt, Cairo." It was located in a cache that was built thousands of years ago between the two giant blocks that make up the foundation of the structure, almost on the very surface of the pyramid. This cache, however, has not been seen for many centuries. Only now, freeing the hollow spaces between the blocks from rubble, sand and archaeological debris, scientists discovered a hidden figurine.

The #Archaeological mission working on theconservation project of the #Pyramid of Djoser, founded a bronze statue of #Uzair God, during its works pic.twitter.com/VDwZ6Frkco

- Ministry of Antiquities (@AntiquitiesOf) July 2, 2018

Egyptologists believe that the figure of Osiris was put "in a secluded place" by one of the priests of the ancient temple, located near the pyramid. Apparently, in this way the minister intended to strengthen his connection with the other world, attracting for this purpose “double power” - the pharaoh, who was considered to be a divine embodiment on earth, and Osiris himself.

The discovered figurine is in very good condition. It was created, according to archaeologists, in the late period of the reign of the dynasties of the pharaohs. Its height is just over 60 cm. Osiris is depicted standing, in his hands he holds a hoket and neheha (scepter and flail) - symbols of royal power in ancient Egypt. According to Waziri, the artifact was delivered to a special repair shop at the research center in Saqqara, where it will be thoroughly studied and necessary restoration work.

The six-step pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara is the oldest surviving of the grandiose stone structures in the world. It was built around 2650 BC as a funerary temple for the family of the first pharaoh of the III dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Djoser. Currently, the length and width of the pyramid at its base are 121 m and 109 m, height - 61 m. The step pyramid in Saqqara is considered the forerunner of all the smooth Egyptian pyramids built in subsequent centuries in ancient Egypt, including three pyramids on the Giza plateau - Cheops, Chefren and Mikkerin.

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