Two viable northern white rhino embryos obtained

Wikimedia Commons Northern White Rhino Angalifu, who died in 2014

The northern white rhino is the northern subspecies of the white rhino ( Ceratotherium simum ), which is on the verge of extinction. Last year, the last male of the northern white rhino, the 45-year-old Sudan, died, and at the moment only two females are alive, which, however, cannot bear the fruit.

To try to save this subspecies, scientists took 10 eggs from two living females - Nadzhin and Fatu - seven of which were fertilized with stored sperm obtained from males Suni and South. According to AFP, as a result, scientists were able to get two viable embryos.

Embryos are said to be kept in liquid nitrogen. In the future, they are expected to be placed in the uterus of females of the southern white rhino: specialists are already preparing six females as surrogate mothers at the Rhinoceros Rescue Center at the San Diego Zoo (as reported recently, one of the females, named Victoria, successfully gave birth to a cub conceived through artificial insemination).


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