Tu-95 refuel in the sky over the Volga: video

The Tu-95 strategic bomber and missile carrier is still the fastest turboprop aircraft in the world and the only serial bomber and turboprop carrier in the world. The Tu-95 was a symbol of ensuring the military-strategic parity of the USSR in the Cold War and still remains in service as a carrier of cruise missiles, including the X-101.

It has a lower fuel consumption than jet aircraft and greater secrecy from satellites that can monitor large strategic jet bombers on their exhaust. The prototype of a bomber-missile carrier first flew in November 1952, and three years after that it began mass production.

In the Saratov Region, long-range pilots using Tu-95MS missile-carrying bombers completed flights with refueling in the air at an altitude of more than five kilometers and at a speed of about 600 km / h. According to the Zvezda TV channel, citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, the flight duration was more than eight hours, and in total up to ten crews of strategic Tu-95MS missile carriers and Il-78 refueling aircraft were involved in the flights.


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