Trump's new limousine appeared in public

It so happened that this year both the Russian and American presidents updated their company cars: in May we finally saw the result of working on the Tuple project - the monumental Aurus Senat Limousine, immediately similar to all British sedans. Unlike the pathos “Aurus”, Trump's limousine carries the familiar Cadillac brand and in general terms resembles the company's modern models.

The readiness of the new Beast and its transfer to the US Secret Service for testing was reported back in April, and the limousine was put into operation at the end of the summer of this year. It is known that the presidential car is built on a modified Chevrolet heavy pickup truck platform, the passenger compartment is armored to the highest protection class, there is blood transfusion on board, a fire extinguishing system, smoke guns, and the climate system protects even from chemical and biological weapons.


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