Tremor Wireless Speaker: Harsh Audio

DreamWave Tremor is a portable wireless speaker. In addition to playing music from a device connected to it via Bluetooth, she doesn’t know anything: she doesn’t fry eggs, doesn’t google for you, and she doesn’t guard the house. Nothing more: playback devices and four buttons. But she knows her job perfectly.


No one was unhappy with the design of DreamWave Tremor. It looks like a mixture of a grenade launcher with a stool, made in black and khaki. This column is unambiguously in the style of Popular Mechanics. On top of it is a wide soft strap for carrying and four huge rubberized buttons - on / off, Bluetooth, turn up the volume, turn down the volume, on the other hand under the soft cover - a charger connector, a USB port and a standard 6.35 mm jack for headphones . ALL.

Only four buttons: on / off, Bluetooth, turn up the volume, turn down the volume.

What else do you need from the column? All this weighs about six kilograms, most of the weight falls on the battery. Wearing it, despite six pounds, is easy and pleasant (the columnist was not the most physically powerful “PM” editor, and also a girl, but there were no problems with transportation). And, of course, the form is designed to put this almost boombox on your shoulder and walk along the street.

How it works

DreamWave Tremor works very simply. First, you plug it into the network, charge it, and if the speaker is already charged, press the on button. The blue diode in the corner lights up, and the column sounds that it is ready for operation. On any device - phone, tablet or computer - open the Bluetooth or NFC settings, turn it on, select the connection to the speaker (it is called Tremor), and turn on the music on the device. Music begins to play from the speaker. If you don’t lose anything within 10 minutes, the column turns itself off. Don’t be fooled by the USB connector: you can’t play music other than via Bluetooth or NFC, but you can recharge a mobile phone or other device from it.

Resists moisture, sand and snow.

The coverage area is as usual for Bluetooth, about 10 meters: it is better not to go far, but everything works fine within an apartment or a forest glade. When playing from devices on Android, music can sometimes be interrupted (perhaps this was due to the poor quality of the device on Android), when playing from a computer, iPad or iPhone, there were no problems.

The battery capacity is worthy of a separate hymn: it fully charges in a couple of hours. and holds a charge - all eight without interruption from production, that is, it can, for example, play all night. Tremor is also a charger! Using the column, you can charge any gadget through the USB connector, whether it is a phone, tablet or laptop.

Where to go with this

Tremor is positioned by the manufacturer as a column for outdoor activities and tourism: in fact, you can easily take it with you to nature, it weighs not so much, and the battery, as already mentioned, lives for a long time. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the device is waterproof. We did not dare to drown the column, but it fell in the rain - and nothing bad happened. The body materials are such that you can not be afraid to get them dirty or scratch: it is true that sand or dust may clog into the speaker holes, but the manufacturer claims that this will not affect the operation of the device. And even the snow is not afraid of her.

But Tremor copes well with the role of a home audio system. In the room, turning it on at full volume is scary, you can hear it from all corners of a large apartment, and it is not known whether the walls at the neighbors shake. In order not to disturb the peace of your neighbors, you can easily drag a speaker around you around the apartment, and then the music will be with you everywhere, from the bath to the kitchen.

The manufacturer says that you can take two Tremor speakers and, putting them on two sides of an improvised scene, achieve, if not a club, then a completely acceptable pop sound: this is enough for a noisy party of a small company. We did not try to do this, because we had only one column.


Two broadband speakers, two high-frequency speakers and two subwoofers are hidden under the black mesh of the case: the sound is surround and completely without distortion even at maximum volume. The volume in the room is ahead of any expectations, on Tremor Street it’s not very, very, but just very loud. By the way, if you do not twist the sound to the maximum, the battery will last longer.


Pros: + serious design + excellent sound at all frequencies; + protection against moisture and pollution; Cons: - in fact, claims to Tremor have to be hard to invent, but what a test drive without at least one nit-picking. Let’s say, for example, that you don’t drag it with you all day - after all, it weighs like a large newborn baby.

DreamWave website.


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