A transgender woman has a fish skin vagina implanted

The patient, known as Maju, underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1999. However, the surgical intervention was unsuccessful, as a result of which her genitals narrowed and deformed. Since the sexual process has now become painful, the woman resigned herself to a lifelong "vow of abstinence." However, a surgeon from Brazil undertook to rectify the situation, who created new vaginas for patients from the membrane of freshwater fish.

On April 23, 35-year-old Maju underwent repeated vaginoplasty. It included implantation in the vagina of a new genital form, consisting of integumentary tissues of telapia. This implant takes root and grows together with the human body, accelerating healing and smoothing the vaginal tract. The operation was performed by surgeons from the Federal University of Ceará under the supervision of Professor Leonardo Bezerra. For three hours, they implanted a tubular shape wrapped in telapia skin. She is absolutely sterile and does not have her own smell, and the woman’s body has grown together with her in just 6 days.

Professor Bezerra is assured that his team "was able to create a vagina of normal physiological length and thickness, and new tissues took root perfectly." Madju herself is delighted and admits that she finally "feels like a real woman." Doctors are sure that after a few months she will be able to once again lead a saturated sex life.


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