There is a lot of software, a little iron: a test of the budgetary Samsung Galaxy M20

In 2019, almost all major smartphone manufacturers finally decided to provide users with the opportunity to get all the relevant modern features in the budget segment. Samsung did not stand aside, releasing the Galaxy M20, which Popular Mechanics studied with passion.

If you look at the dry specifications, the Galaxy M20 is a very attractive option for an inexpensive phone: a full set of wireless interfaces, a frameless design with a small cutout for the front camera and a solid battery capacity. Moreover, this is the first smartphone on the new Samsung Exynos 7904 branded platform, which is of particular interest. However, first things first.

First meeting

Contrary to preliminary information, on the contrary, in the first place, version 3/32 is delivered, and the older one is not officially available yet.

Positive sides

The price of a younger configuration with 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory starts at 11.9 thousand (with a 15% discount, 13 990 without it), but the oldest 4/64 is not officially sold in Russia yet, but in a number of stores for gray "version asking for 15, 490 rubles. The important point regarding the M20 is that if the device was imported from another region, NFC may not work for it and it will be quite difficult to fix it. If you buy a model certified for the Russian market, contactless payment by Google Pay will function fully, and you can also replenish the Troika card using your smartphone.


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