10 best alternative energy sources

"Solar windows." The sun is an obvious and reliable source of energy, but extremely expensive materials are required for solar panels. SolarWindow technology uses transparent plastic glass, which also serves as solar panels. They can be installed as ordinary windows, and the production price is quite reasonable

Guo: why the computer could not beat a person for so long?

Upon learning that someone is playing go, people react the same way: “What are these pebbles? Whether it’s a matter of chess or checkers! ” Few understand the essence of the patterns that players lay out of stones - from the side the game system looks monstrously confusing. At the same time, go is one of the most common board games in the world. She

5 most expensive projects of the cult architect Zaha Hadid

15 years ago, Zaha Hadid became the first woman ever to receive the prestigious Pritzker Prize. Esquire recalls five expensive Hadid projects. 1. Multifunctional complex City of Dreams, Macau, China Zahi Hadid's company was engaged in the project of one of the four towers of the multifunctional gambling and hotel complex “Dream City”. Th

Life on Mars: how recent discoveries bring us closer to a speedy move

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted on his (already legendary): Nuke Mars! (“We hit Mars with nuclear bombs!”). Mars - and what a person can do with it - excites humanity from at least Ray Bradbury’s "Martian Chronicles." But between the fantasies of half a century ago and our days there is a huge difference: recent scientific discoveries have transferred talk about life on Mars from circles of science fiction lovers to the offices of scientists, researchers and even businessmen. The

20 ways to open a bottle

one 3 17 eighteen eleven Grasp the neck of the bottle with your left hand more tightly, take a disposable lighter (1) in your right hand and make a lever out of it by slipping the tip under the skirt of the metal beer cap. As a support, use the tensed joint of the thumb on the left hand. Here is a visual lesson from applied physics

Why are they coming back: do you need airships today

As a rule, articles about modern airships begin with memories of how, almost 70 years ago, the giant German zeppelin “Hindenburg” died on fire at the American airbase, and three years later Hermann Goering ordered the remaining airships to be dismantled for scrap and to blow up the hangars. The era of airships then ended, journalists usually write, but now the interest in controlled balloons is again actively reviving. Ho

10 curious facts about space

one. The little white dot in the photo is our planet, taken by the Voyager I probe. In 1990, from the distance of 6 billion km, this very “distant” one was taken from all the Earth’s photos. 2. Jupiter is large enough to accommodate a thousand planets the size of our Earth. 3. More than 8 thousand units of space debris revolve around the Earth. four

Interactive weather map anywhere in the world

It seems that weather reports have never been so clear and detailed. The Ventusky map shows air temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, thunderstorms, snow cover and the value of the zero isotherm at any selected point on the planet. And, most importantly, not in the form of a table, but on an interactive animated map

10 best strategies for Android: from antiquity to space

Contrary to popular belief, among the games on the Play Store there are not only “funny farms” and “three in a row” timekillers. "Popular Mechanics" found strategies whose level of complexity and elaboration of the gameplay is not inferior to analogues for a desktop computer. Gladiabots In this wonderful minimalistic strategy with indirect control, the player needs not to give or plan orders, but to program the robots subordinate to him. Those,

What is yeast and why you should not be afraid of them?

Take unwashed plums or grapes in your hand. See the white coating? Many microscopic sweet teeth are found on the surface of berries. In a certain phase of life, they are able to cause fermentation: eat sugar and secrete alcohol and carbon dioxide. Although we buy specially made yeast for bakery needs, generally speaking, these microorganisms are by no means some rare species - they exist in large numbers around us

10 most terrible technological disasters

Man-made disasters often occur as a result of natural disasters, but also because of worn-out equipment, greed or inattention. The memory of them serves as an important lesson for humanity, because natural disasters can harm us, but not the planet, but man-made ones pose a threat to absolutely the whole world around us

Radiation is not always scary: everything you wanted to know about it

After the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, another wave of panic radiophobia swept the world. In the Far East, iodine disappeared from the sale, and manufacturers and sellers of dosimeters not only sold all the devices in stock, but also collected pre-orders for six months to a year in advance

What did Kulibin invent?

Everyone knows that Kulibin is a great Russian inventor, mechanic, engineer. His surname has long been a household name in Russian. But, as a recent survey showed, only five percent of respondents can name at least one of his inventions. How so? We decided to conduct a small educational program: so, what did Ivan Petrovich Kulibin invent

How airships take off

In the past 10-15 years, only the lazy did not write about the prospects for the revival of airships, and Popular Mechanics has returned to this topic more than once. But as soon as an occasion to recall the airships was again found, it is worthwhile to briefly list the advantages of a controlled balloon

7 most impressive Earth photos from space

1. The photograph shows the mouth of the Betsibuka River in the northwestern part of the island of Madagascar . The picture was taken on March 8, 2005, by the ISS-10 crew member, who worked on the ISS from October 16, 2004 to April 24, 2005. 2. The picture shows Hurricane Dean - the strongest tropical cyclone of the Atlantic hurricane season

Six cars parked on the moon: the history of moon rovers

Lunokhod 1 The first mechanism on the moon was the Soviet Lunokhod. It was launched in 1970, controlled by radio, from Earth. This dish, resembling a cast-iron bathtub with an antenna and on wheels, was the first man-made object that moved along the moon. Soon after the moon landing, it became clear that the lunar rover's chambers were too low; because of this, the car was "short-sighted" and was constantly stuck in craters

Steam cars overtaking planes: history

In 1769, a bizarre self-propelled wagon appeared on the streets of Paris, driven by its creator, the artillery engineer Nikolay Joseph Kunho. The heart of the design was a steam engine operating on the principle of a medical can - a copper cylinder was filled with steam, then water was injected, and the resulting vacuum pulled in the piston

Squirrel and Arrow: 8 facts about flying

1. Squirrel and Strelka were the third dog crew to go into Earth orbit. In 1957, the Laika dog, launched “one way” on the Sputnik-2 spacecraft, became a space pioneer. After four rounds around the Earth, the dog died of overheating: the temperature in the chamber where it was located rose to 40 degrees Celsius, and there was no way to reduce it. An

Wind generators: how they work and whether they are possible in Russia

The simplicity of the basic principle does not always mean technological simplicity, especially if it is necessary to “squeeze” maximum efficiency out of the design. In theory, the plane is very simple, and the Wright brothers, creating their own “Flyer-1, ” completely managed with improvised materials and industrial technologies of the garage class. Howeve

How are IMAX movie theaters arranged?

From film to digital It all started with the film, when four Canadian entrepreneurs discovered one Australian invention - a way to scroll the film with a “running loop”. After experimenting with the number of screens and projectors, we settled on the 1: 1 option, deciding that it creates the strongest visual impression. To

How the "Stanislavsky Electrotheatre" works

The four-story building at 23 Tverskaya Street, next to the English Club (Museum of the Revolution - the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia), was built in the 19th century as a tenement house. In 1915, another kind of income began to be extracted from the building. Here opened one of the most famous "electric theaters" in Moscow - the cinema "Ars"

Single Internet Use Agreement: A letter from the creator of the World Wide Web

In March, 30 years have passed since the creation of the World Wide Web. This system of remote information exchange, which we know by the abbreviation www and the designation "web", was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. We offer you to read the translation of his open letter, which was published on the occasion of the anniversary on the World Wide Web Foundation website, which is more relevant than ever in Russia in 2019

23 unusual hammers: how much do you know?

Carpentry hammer with a curved nail puller; 0.36 kg / 28 cm. The most common of the hammers when working on wood. Equipped with a round striker for hammering nails and a nail puller to extract them View from above Straightening hammer; 0.36 kg / 30 cm. A set of such hammers together with special curved anvils is indispensable for straightening car body panels

What is Moore’s law and why is it no longer relevant: the information revolution

From a technical point of view, Moore's law appeared as a simple observation: in 1965, one of the founders of Intel, Gordon Moore, noted that an interesting pattern was observed in the growing computer electronics industry: the number of transistors per square inch of integrated circuits was constantly increasing approximately twice every year

How is the monument to Peter I Tsereteli arranged?

To get inside the Peter is not easy: as a building under the jurisdiction of the Gormost, the monument is carefully guarded, and permission to visit it requires a number of signatures and seals. But in the end they met us cordially, took us to all the nooks and crannies of the monument, shared the diagrams and drawings, and did not let them go inside the sails, since without mountaineering training they couldn’t get there.

10 large-scale disasters due to design errors

Bridges collapse, buildings explode, planes fall. And all from the fact that "there was no nail in the forge." We present ten large-scale disasters that occurred due to seemingly minor design errors. The almost two-kilometer Tacoma bridge was built in the United States, Washington on July 1, 1940, connecting the shores of the Tacoma-Narrows Strait

Cryptocotics and other cryptographic collections

The prices of some crypto raises should not surprise: ordinary digital content can be copied an infinite number of times - and who would be interested in the identical Mona Lisa that anyone can propagate? Such reproductions are sold at the price of printing. However, the architecture of blockchain systems allows you to strictly limit the number of units, tokens generated in them, as the total amount of currency in the Bitcoin system is limited

Flight of Juno: Spacecraft Report on Journey to Jupiter

The world scientific community was very excited when the spacecraft Juno ("Juno") after five years of space travel nevertheless reached Jupiter. The success of his mission was marked by the fact that long space flights on engines powered by solar energy are a reality, which means that many more discoveries await us in the future

Why skyscrapers do not fall

When they talk about another record high building, they usually talk about what rises above the ground. Of course, about the height, number of floors and elevators, viewing platforms from which you can see half the world, and about, for example, how to deliver water to a hundred or so floors so that the water supply does not burst from the huge pressure in the pipes

ImDrive Impossible Engine: Into Space Without Fuel

The first article can be read here. An article on a strange and controversial device, the EmDrive engine, has been published in the scientific journal of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Cosmonautics. According to some physicists, this design, in principle, cannot work. This would violate the fundamental law of nature, the conservation of momentum