Take a look at the shredder that destroyed Banksy's picture

It seems that according to the plan, the shredder was supposed to destroy the picture “Girl with a Balloon” completely, but she was stuck in half. Recall that the picture at that moment was sold at auction for an incredible amount of $ 1.04 million.

The artist himself does not officially recognize this, but it seems that the banal reason prevented the drawing: the canvas was stuck. The New York Times hypothesizes that the shredder was not powerful enough, since he coped with paper reproductions, but could not.

At the end of the video you can see confirmation of this theory. It shows how a shredder completely destroys paper reproductions, followed by Banksy's only comment: “It always worked out at rehearsals.” The device was activated using a remote control one of the visitors to the auction.

The guards didn’t completely destroy the painting, and it was renamed “Love in the bin”. The buyer left it to himself, because now, after destruction, its price has only increased.


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