Su-57 will receive unique ejection seats

According to the Zvezda TV channel with reference to the Director General of the Zvezda research and production enterprise near Moscow, Sergey Pozdnyakov, the ejection seat of the fifth-generation multi-role fighter Su-57 received new automation, which makes it possible to save the pilot in even more complicated emergency situations than before. . Gunpowder, which is used in ejection systems, has an extended range of applications.

“The automation that is used on the Su-57 seat is much smarter than on the systems that were used before. This means that pilot rescue is guaranteed in a much larger number of situations than before. Inverted flight, corkscrew, on the ground, and so on, ”says Pozdnyakov. He also noted that the company is working on a continuous expansion of the anthropometric range and the range of adjustments.


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