Stylophone GenX-1: an unusual musical instrument

Although musicians such as David Bowie are not the first to experiment with adding a stylophone sound to their musical compositions, for the majority this tiny synthesizer remains nothing more than a musical toy. However, Dubreq decided to change this situation and created a completely new version of the device, which now looks like a real tool.

Playing on the stylophone is carried out using an ordinary stylus that closes the electric circuit when you click on a series of metal contacts, which serve as a kind of pseudo piano keys. The new Stylophone Gen X-1 sound profile has ample opportunities for customization, which, without a doubt, is a huge plus.

The model will be available in May this year and will cost you about $ 70. Together with the classic interface, it is also equipped with a panel with a number of knobs and switches that allow you to adjust the delay, signal format and other sound parameters. The Stylophone Gen X-1 still sounds like an analog synthesizer, but now you don’t have to run the recording through numerous filters to achieve a more or less believable sound.

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