Star Map: Google in Heaven

Just press the Sky View key

The Google Sky mapping supplement contains information on more than a million individual stars and 200 million galaxies, as well as images taken by the Hubble orbiting telescope. “Essentially, ” said Ed Parsons, one of Google’s developers, “we took Google Earth and turned the observer’s gaze.” Google Sky allows you to observe the sky from various places on Earth, at different times and on different dates. And besides, see help information - additional layers are available in the program:

• Constellations - names and lines of connection of stars.

• Amateur astronomy (Backyard astronomy) - objects visible with the eye or home telescopes.

• Pictures of the Hubble telescope (Hubble Space Telescope Imagery) - 129 high-resolution images.

• Moon - the position and phase of the satellite.

• Planets (Planets) - the position of the seven planets of the solar system.

• Galactic Guide (Users Guide to Galaxies) - virtual tours of various types of galaxies.

• Life of a star - a phase of stellar evolution.

According to some astronomers, the project is important not only for inquisitive users, but also for serious science, in fact, allowing you to explore the starry sky, regardless of the current clarity and cloudiness. Yes, and Google Sky itself was the result of very serious research, for it had to combine the data obtained by six scientific organizations.

Recall that not so long ago, Google introduced another revolutionary innovation in Google Earth - the ability to view panoramic images. We wrote about this in a note on Google Streets. The program is already popular among both amateurs and experts - with its help it was even possible to find a number of new craters left on the Earth by ancient meteorites ("Beads of Craters").

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