A squirrel attacked a snake and ate it alive: a fluffy berserker

William Leggett, a ranger in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in western Texas, managed to catch on camera an amazing clash of two forest inhabitants. After a short fight, the rocky gopher - a close relative of the squirrels we knew - grabbed the rocky snake with both paws and began ... to devour it alive. Yes, a gluttonous rodent literally gutted his enemy, leaving him only scales and unattractive entrails.

Leggett noted that usually these gophers eat nuts and berries, as well as other readily available foods. Snakes are their main enemies, and therefore rodents often chew on skin dropped by reptiles and rub their hair with it to confuse the sensitive sense of smell of a predator. However, this animal decided to go all the way and enjoyed the killing so much that even snake bones with pleasure crumbled.

The squirrel and its kindred animals are often considered completely harmless creatures, and in vain. In the wild, they prey on insects and lizards without disdaining meat food. Their fluffy fur protects them well from bites, and although snakes usually swallow prey as a whole, sometimes squirrels can give them a decent rebuff.


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