From space to auction: 10 incredible facts about chewing gum

Chewing gum has traveled to space - and more than once

For the first time, chewing gum fell into orbit in 1965 aboard the Gemini-4 American spacecraft. One of the astronauts, James McDivitt, told Life magazine that for four days, while the mission lasted, he did not brush his teeth - instead, chewing gum was used for oral hygiene. Today, chewing gum is an obligatory part of the dry ration of astronauts on the ISS (you can see the full composition of the ration, for example, in the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics).

The reason is simple: chewing gum stimulates the release of saliva, freshens the breath and serves to prevent diseases. Which is very useful in zero gravity, when salivation decreases and the risk of tartar and other diseases of the oral cavity increases.

The world's most expensive chewing gum

455 thousand euros - this is the price of the world's most expensive chewing gum sold recently at eBay. The record belongs to Alex Ferguson, the former head coach of Manchester United. Ferguson used this chewing gum during his last match. The proceeds will be directed to charity. In second place is chewing gum Britney Spears, sold at eBay for $ 14, 000 in 2004. The seller claimed that a piece of pink "bubble gum" chewed and spat out singer Britney Spears. As evidence, he offered the buyers photographs and a detailed description of where and under what circumstances he took possession of the "star" chewing gum.

It is worth noting that this is not the only case when fans picked up used chewing gum for a star and tried to sell it. True, in most cases, the price of a lot did not exceed $ 100.

Chewing gum as a means to lose weight

Want to lose weight? Then pay attention to the "chewing diet"! Its essence is very simple - you need to use chewing gum without sugar after eating three to five times a day for 15-20 minutes. Working jaw muscles increase a person’s energy expenditures by 19%. So only through regular chewing can lose up to five kilograms of fat per year, according to American scientists. In addition, chewing gum drowns out hunger and helps to saturate even in small portions more quickly. Replace your snacks with a sugar-free gum, and you will create an additional calorie deficit that will result in smooth weight loss.

The oldest chewing gum in the world

5, 000 years - this is the age of the world's oldest “chewing gum”, found by archaeologists in 2007 in Finland. Of course, it has little to do with modern chewing gum: it is just a petrified piece of birch tar with a clear imprint of a human tooth. However, this is direct evidence that even in the Stone Age, people used elastic substances to clean their teeth and breathe freshness. By the way, the ancient Greeks chewed the resin of the mastic tree, the peoples of Siberia - the resin of the pine, and the Maya Indians prepared the “chiclet” from the sapodilla tree.

Bubble Records

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest bubble was inflated by American Susan Montgomery. Her record was recorded in 1994; the bubble was giant - 58.5 centimeters in diameter. In 2004, American Chad Fell without the use of hands (unlike Susan) blew a bubble of chewing gum with a diameter of 50.8 cm, which is twice as much as a basketball.

In 2014, his compatriot Michael Amato managed to blow out as many as 15 bubbles within one minute. This achievement was also recorded in the book of records. And in 2018, the United States set another world record: 881 people (all employees of one pharmaceutical company) simultaneously blew bubble gum.

Remedy for a melody stuck in your head

Surely you have suffered at least once in your life from obsessive music that has stuck in your head. According to surveys, 9 out of 10 people have encountered this phenomenon. An annoying melody sounds in a circle again and again and invariably causes irritation. It turns out that getting rid of it is easier than ever: all the same chewing gum comes to the rescue. If you chew it for 10-15 minutes, then the centers responsible for short-term sound memory will be suppressed in the brain. Attention will be distracted from the annoying song and switch to a new process - chewing.

7. Chewing gum repels insects

Menthol is not only a guarantee of fresh breath, but also a wonderful repellent that is safe for humans, but repels insects. Put a plate of mint gum in an open bag with flour or cereals - and pests will not get into it. Just remember to remove the packaging from the chewing gum.

8. Chewing sights

In the USA, in the homeland of chewing gum, there are two whole locations that must be visited by fans of this confectionery product. They invariably attract a huge number of tourists and are a popular geek on Instagram. The first is Chewing Gum Alley in the California city of San Luis Obispo. According to legend, students of a local college and students of one of the nearby schools started gluing gum on the walls of houses on this alley as a competition - who is more.

Since then, almost everyone who visits this attraction has been contributing: tens of thousands of colorful chewing gum have accumulated on the walls. Second place is the wall on Post Elley in Seattle, which is also completely glued with chewing gum. The wall was cleaned twice: in 2015 and 2018, but it quickly filled up with new “exhibits”.

9. Chewing gum relieves stress

Difficulties at work, worries in personal life, bad mood? Do not rush to stock up on sedatives at the pharmacy - first try chewing gum regularly. A study published in the international medical journal Stress and Health suggests that this habit helps reduce stress and helps deal with depression. People who chew gum several times a day are almost two times less likely to suffer from a depressed mood, and are generally more positive. Scientists attribute this effect to the fact that the vagus nerve is stimulated during chewing - it is responsible for “disconnecting” the body's response to stress and recovering from a stressful situation.

10. Chewing gum increases concentration

Chewing gum is an indispensable assistant in situations where you need to quickly focus on an important task, strengthen attention and performance. Scientific experiments show that chewing gum can improve short-term memory by 30% and accelerate a person's reaction by 10%. American scientists even advise chewing gum before performing a test or passing an exam to increase concentration and get a higher score.

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