Russian Railways showed new cars with hotel amenities

The presentation of the news was held at the Riga Station in Moscow on Tuesday, April 23. These cars are included in the order of more than 3.5 thousand units, which will be delivered until 2025. The contract amount is 237 billion rubles, they will be produced at the facilities of Transmashholding JSC, and, in particular, at the Tver Carriage Works.

The equipment of the new compartment cars includes sockets in each compartment, individual safes for personal belongings and USB sockets for charging gadgets. Also, climate control is available to passengers, and a machine for selling small snacks can be located in the car.

Technically, the new cars have also been updated - they are made in the form of a double coupling with an airtight passage. This increases the internal space available to passengers, and at the same time overall comfort.

Russian Railways regularly updates both the existing rolling stock and carries out the development of promising models. Last year, the future appearance of reserved seats was announced, and back in 2013 double-decker trains were launched on routes.

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