In Russia they will make a convertiplane for paratroopers

According to RIA Novosti, citing its own source in the Russian military-industrial complex, the Airborne Forces are already exploring the possibility of using convertiplanes to deliver paratroopers to the battlefield, and by the end of September it is planned to complete the development of technical specifications and open experimental design work on a promising machine. Recall that a tiltrotor is an aircraft with rotary propellers.

Such a structural scheme provides him with the ability to perform vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter, and horizontal flight - like an airplane, with the appropriate speed. The take-off and landing propellers work as lifting, and in flight - as pulling. The lifting force is provided by the presence of aircraft-type wings, and the engines usually rotate with the screws, although exceptions are possible.

No details were provided about the promising landing tiltrotor, but three years ago the Russian Helicopters holding obviously began to develop its own design of rotary propellers, which can be used just for such aircraft, both manned and unmanned. The only serial convertiplanes to date are the American V-22 Osprey, which are used by the US military.

Like formidable tanks and planes, combat robots and smart missiles?

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