Russia has created a new cheap and durable aluminum alloy

Aluminum insider

Especially for the technology of sheet superplastic forming (SPF), scientists have begun the development of an aluminum alloy characterized by increased strength at room temperature and adaptability to superplastic forming at elevated speeds, RIA Novosti reports. The results of the study are published in the journal Materials Science and Engineering A.

“We melt the necessary components in an oven at a temperature of about 800 ° C and pour them into a special mold. Next, we anneal the ingots and roll into sheets. Then we analyze the properties of alloy samples, strength and ductility at room and at elevated temperatures (400–500 ° C) by stretching the sample to rupture, ”said Anastasia Mikhailovskaya, head of the study, associate professor of NUST“ MISiS ”.

The effect of superplasticity allows using relatively low-power and inexpensive equipment to make parts of complex shape, reducing the cost of production and increasing its volume. The authors of the project note that 70−80% of the cost of the finished product consists of the cost of production.

“We offer new alloys capable of high-speed SPF - this reduces the time to produce one part to 15–20 min, and the possible degrees of deformation exceed 400%. It is these properties that our alloy has, which is 20-30% more durable than analogues, ”said Anna Kishchik, co-author of the study, graduate student of NUST“ MISiS ”.

In the near future, testing a new aluminum alloy in the process of sheet metal production, as well as obtaining development patents.

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