Robot girl: MDS class

Introducing Nexi, a small humanoid robot created by the MIT Media Lab Personal Robot Group. The developers call it (or rather, her, since the Nexi looks very much like a girl) an MDS-class robot, that is, mobile, dexterous and socialized (Mobile / Dexterous / Social).

Mobility gives it a pair of movable wheels, and stability in motion - gyroscopes. Agility provides a complex mechanism for the device of the hands, from the “shoulder joint” to the “hands”, which allows you to capture and accurately move objects weighing up to about 4.5 kg. Well, socialization is achieved through moving “facial muscles”: independent movements of the eyes and eyebrows, eyelids and lips allow you to achieve very lively and human facial expressions. At the same time, color video cameras are built into Nexi’s eyes, and literally “a star is on” - an infrared sensor works in the forehead ...

Initially, the goal of Nexi development was stated rather vaguely: to support research and education in the field of interaction between people and robots, as well as processes in society.

The other day, a specially prepared version of Nexi was presented by Xitome Design for sale. Neither the price nor the features of the commercial version of this mobile, social and dexterous robot has been announced - it is very possible that the future owners of this beauty will be disappointed with either one or the other. It seems to us that it would be much more interesting to have something more exciting at home - for example, the faceless and terrible “Hypocrite Robot”. At least intruders scare.

According to BotJunkie


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