Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro smartphones introduced

Redmi redmi note 8

Redmi Note 8, as GSMArena reports, is equipped with the Snapdragon 665 chipset and has either four or six gigabytes of RAM. The device is equipped with four rear cameras - a 48-megapixel module, as well as modules with a resolution of 8, 2 and 2 megapixels; on the front side has a “cut-out" with a 13-megapixel camera. The device has a 6.3-inch LCD screen with Full HD + resolution. The fingerprint scanner is located on the rear panel; there is, in particular, a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The battery capacity is 4, 000 mAh. Prices for the device will start at about $ 140.

The "older" version - Note 8 Pro - received a number of differences. So, it is equipped with a 6.53-inch LCD screen (resolution - Full HD +) and has a slightly different design (for example, the rear camera, as you can see, is in the middle of the upper part of the back panel, while Note 8 - From the left side). The device is also equipped with a rear camera with four modules, while, however, the main module has a resolution of 64 megapixels (the other three are 8, 2 and 2 megapixel modules); the resolution of the front camera is 20 megapixels.

Redmi Redmi Note 8 Pro

The Redmi Note 8 Pro is powered by the MediaTek Helio G90T chipset and comes with either six or eight gigabytes of RAM. The battery capacity is 4, 500 mAh. Among other things, the smartphone is equipped with a liquid cooling system. Pricing for the Note 8 Pro will start at around $ 195.


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