Red Square: Misty Abstractionism

The "square" nebula around the star MWC 922 in the constellation Snake, located 5 thousand light years from us

The view of the bipolar nebula changes with different orientations of the cones and a different angle of view of the observer. It can look like intersecting ellipses, and as a structure with rectangular symmetry

Supernova 1987A in the constellation Scorpio Greater Magellanic cloud - its explosion was first recorded on February 23, 1987.

The Red Rectangle Nebula is located in the equatorial constellation of the Unicorn

The mysterious square was discovered by Peter Tuthill (Peter Tuthill) from the University of Sydney and James Lloyd (James Lloyd) from Cornell University. According to their version, the Red Square is a gas and dust nebula of a bipolar type: it consists of two cones located on the same axis, diverging from a common point. In the center of the nebula - where the tops of both cones meet - is the mother star, illuminating the gas and dust cloud. It turns out something like a gigantic, geometrically correct hourglass with a light source located exactly in the middle. And when viewed from the side, such a watch will look like an object with rectangular symmetry - for example, a square.

Discovered by Tathill and Lloyd's "Red Square" can help solve the riddle associated with the famous supernova 1987A, which exploded 20 years ago. In the photograph of the explosion, strange gas and dust rings are clearly visible that surround the dying star - the nature of these formations is still not clear to astronomers. Tathill and Lloyd believe that the rings should have existed before the explosion, too far away from him. Apparently, the rings are part of the bipolar nebula, the shape of which is similar to the "Red Square" nebula. True, in this case, the object appears before us in a slightly different perspective. Due to the specific angle of view, round gas and dust rings strung on two cones seem to us to be two intersecting ellipses.

It should be noted that the Red Square is not the only rectangular object found in the depths of space. He has a relative, discovered back in the seventies and called the "Red Rectangle". At one time, the rectangle acquired extremely great fame - then it was believed that this is a completely unique and mysterious object. Now scientists believe that structures with such strange symmetries and shapes can be quite widespread in the Universe.

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