Real Batman motorcycle put up for sale

A unique motorcycle was made specifically for the filming of the film. The chassis is custom-made, and all body parts are made of fiberglass. The powerplant is a Honda 750 motorcycle engine. Wheels are shod in racing tires Hoosier with a diameter of 31 inches. The Batcycle needs to be replaced with all working fluids, a new battery, gas tank and throttle control knob, but if you spend a little time and money on it, you will get a fully functional motorcycle!

It’s clear that genuine filming props, especially when it comes to the popular blockbuster that has grossed more than a billion at the box office, will cost a lot. Even taking into account the damaged left machine gun on the front wheel and a slight corrosion of the frame, the starting price of the motorcycle at the auction will be 80 thousand dollars, and they hope to sell it for no less than 100 thousand.

The authenticity of the props is guaranteed by a certificate from Warner Bros. The kit also comes with a special platform on which the “Bicycle” can be conveniently fixed to boast of it, say, at an exhibition or motorcycle show.

Well, let’s remind you of what Batman’s unique motorcycle movie was capable of:

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