A rare black leopard shot on video

San Diego Zoo / YouTube

Researchers were able to confirm the presence of rare black leopards in Lycipia, Kenya. The fact that these rare animals live in this region was supposed earlier, but now experts were able to photograph one of the individuals using a camera trap. This was reported in the work of the organization San Diego Zoo Global, published in the African Journal of Ecology .

Black leopards, also known as black panthers, are not a separate species. These are ordinary leopards ( Panthera pardus ) with melanism, in which the animal's body produces a larger than usual amount of dark pigment (because of this, such animals have a black color).

Here are more of my black leopard photos. What a stunning animal! I have shared a few more on instagram as well //t.co/JNNq5eJ035 pic.twitter.com/cQAQPFQd6N

- Will Burrard-Lucas (@willbl) February 13, 2019

In addition to the video, there are also amazing black panther shots taken by Will Burrard-Lucas photographer traps. They can be found on his Instagram page.

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