"Roskachestvo" does not recommend washing eggs

Experts from Roskachestvo urge US scientists to follow the findings of a USDA study and do not recommend washing eggs sold in packaging. The fact is that the egg shell has a porous structure, and also contains a thin waterproof cuticle, which protects them from the ingress of microbes and can be damaged as a result of washing, opening the path for bacteria inside the shell.

Meat should not be washed either: pathogenic bacteria cannot be destroyed anyway, but with drops of water microbes can be spread throughout the kitchen, causing them to get into clean dishes or food. According to a report by American scientists, in 25% of cases, people who washed poultry meat before cooking, were diagnosed with acute intestinal infection caused by salmonella.

The harmful bacteria in poultry meat can only be destroyed by prolonged heat treatment, at which the internal temperature of the product will be at least 74 degrees Celsius. It also makes no sense to wash the mushrooms that are sold in stores. Due to the effect of water, they will lose a significant part of the taste and aroma, in addition, by absorbing moisture, mushrooms can quickly deteriorate.

In this regard, mushrooms are recommended to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. If the mushroom cap is heavily contaminated, Roskachestvo recommends cutting off these areas. In extreme cases, mushrooms can be scalded with boiling water, if during the cooking process a high heat treatment is not expected. However, some products should be washed before cooking: this applies primarily to vegetables, fruits and fish.

Rice should also be washed - to remove excess starch, as well as to make the grain more loose. Peeled potatoes should be soaked before cooking, especially before frying: washing will reduce the risk of forming acrylamide, which is a powerful carcinogen. Legumes should also be soaked in water: this will save the product from components that cause increased gas formation and facilitate the cooking process.


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