"Pine" in a birch grove: what is the danger of a new Russian air defense system

One of the advantages of this complex, developed in the Design Bureau of Precision Engineering named after A.E. Nudelman, is the ability to install it on any chassis, even wheeled, even tracked. The only requirement is that the carrying capacity of the chassis should not be less than four tons. This means that the Sosna air defense system can be installed on the BTR-82, BMP-3, BMD-4 and MTLB armored carrier. In the latter case, the cost of the complex will be almost one of the lowest in its class, which should positively affect the export prospects of the Sosna air defense system. The previous complex, Strela-10, stood and is in service with almost 25 countries of the world, some of which will probably not refuse to purchase a more advanced Sosna air defense system.

Also, the complex’s advantages include high noise immunity of missiles, fast time to put the complex on alert, the ability to fire not only at air targets, but also at ground targets, and thanks to a modern optoelectronic fire control system, the complex can confidently hit targets at any time of the day and in difficult weather conditions. Unlike Strela-10, Sosna air defense missile system has twelve missile launchers, instead of four of its predecessor.

State tests of the Sosna air defense system were completed in April of this year, and soon the newest anti-aircraft missile system will begin to enter service with the Russian army.

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