"Alice" taught to recognize the owner by voice

Many well-known voice assistants, such as Siri or Google Assistant, have the function of recognizing the user by voice; Now this technology has also been received by the voice assistant of the Russian company Yandex - Alisa. According to the company, to configure the user must say to the device: “Alice, remember my voice, ” and then the assistant will ask for the name of the person and ask them to repeat the phrases so that the system can build a voice model that will be used for recognition; after that, the user should ask: “What is my name?” - and “Alice” will give the name.

As indicated by Yandex, voice recognition technology is available when working with music - it allows you to take into account the preferences of only one user (so that the musical preferences of other people who asked to put this or that music are not taken into account in the future). Moreover, as noted, "Alice" is able to remember the voice of only one person. Another limitation is if the user has columns of different models, it is necessary to “get acquainted” with each of them so that Alice can recognize a person regardless of which column he is referring to.

What new features in the future may receive voice recognition technology from Alice, Yandex does not report.


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