Protrusion of the iris: the mysterious phenomenon of eye deformation

As reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, this condition is called a “protruding iris, ” and although it looks like a serious pathology, it is not really a threat. This is a rare, benign condition that does not affect vision (it is ideal in the patient), does not cause any side symptoms and does not require treatment. Scientists have previously documented cases of protrusion of the iris, but this example is particularly striking. Experts are still not quite sure what exactly causes this feature, but the most popular theory is genetic predisposition. As noted by Chinese scientists who conducted a case study, "a similar conclusion is very obvious."

The iris of the eye, the iris is a thin movable diaphragm of the eye in vertebrates, with a hole (pupil) in the center. It is located behind the cornea, between the front and rear cameras of the eye, in front of the lens. Almost opaque, it contains pigment cells (in mammals - melanocytes), as well as circular muscles that narrow the pupil, and radial, expanding it.


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