Physicists have suggested a wormhole recipe: through time and space

Here is a simple practical guide on how to create a space wormhole, thanks to which your spaceship can go to almost anywhere in the visible Universe. All you need to do is take two charged black holes, place them in the “back to back” position and stretch a pair of cosmic strings through them. Stretch these strings to infinite size - and voila, you are the lucky winner of a personal wormhole!

Sounds strange and obscure, right? Nevertheless, this is the solution to the problem that the team of astrophysicists proposed. In their work published on the arXiv portal, scientists proposed a hypothesis that would help in the future send ships on a journey through the depths of space.

“Charged” is a black hole that (theoretically) carries an electric charge and has a pair in the form of another black hole, but with the opposite charge. Hypothetically, they can form a wormhole tunnel, but there is one big problem: even in theory, such space-time channels are very unstable. And to overcome this instability, we need supporting elements in the form of a pair of cosmic strings - hypothetical one-dimensional defects in the space-time structure.

Unfortunately, here everything is not so smooth.

Even if you manage to “pull” the strings in the right way, any contact with them will cut the molecular bonds inside any object like a light blade. One consolation is that even physicists are not sure that something like this exists in the Universe.

However, do not despair. In the future, mankind has every chance to discover anomalies and phenomena in the vast expanses of space that will play the role of miniature black holes and still allow us to make “jumps” in space and time. And who knows what humanity is waiting at the other end of the wormhole ...

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