Perhaps the best camera phone in the Russian market: Honor 20 pro test review

Like it or not, and every year ordinary users are finding it harder to surprise. It’s even harder to impress consumer electronics savvy. Honor did it successfully and surprisingly in simple ways - there is nothing revolutionary in the 20 Pro, but it’s almost perfect.

The Honor brand knows how to work on bugs and consolidate success. Popular Mechanics had previously reviewed the view 20, and there were complaints about it. Technically, the 20 Pro is in many ways very similar to its predecessor, but it uses a number of improvements and other cameras. Let's figure it out.

Hardware platform

In short - there is everything except wireless charging, a fingerprint scanner under the screen and a Jack 3.5 mm jack. Apparently, the first one is missing for marketing reasons, and to connect wired headphones, the manufacturer carefully put an adapter in the package. With biometric authentication, the situation is more interesting - the finger sensor is combined with the power button and is located on the right side of the case in a small recess. This is very convenient in terms of holding the smartphone by hand: the index or middle finger always lies in this recess, and additional protection is obtained from the gadget slipping out. It will take some time to get used to the sensitivity and placement of the scanner, but after that no problems arise. At first, it seemed to me that it very poorly recognizes the papillary pattern, but it was enough to re-register the finger, and do it more carefully so that the problem disappears. Apparently, this is due to the small area of ​​the sensor, so it is more demanding than usual for primary scanning.


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